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Info Drop

Informative and vibey UX copy


"What am I eating?"


Focus the site design to highlight flavors and ingredients.

how I helped

Designed a copy-first layout.

Wrote and edited copy.

"luh yourself"


Branded message encouraging customers to be good to themselves.

This statement implies eating Juice! gummies is selflove.

We chose a colloquial spelling and lower-case letters to playfully connect with our target audience of urban MMJ patients.

Simple navigation


Keeping it playful and simple:

Flavor View  navigates to the ingredients list.


A controversial choice, I know.

It hits closer to whimsy than practicality.

I had originally pitched "View Flavors," and accidentally said, "Flavor View."

In the end, my client loved the image of a "Flavor View," and asked if we could keep it.


I was confident folks looking for info would click a link in this position. Looking forward to checking the data on my hypothesis.

Connect  - navigates to the contact page


(v) To join via communication

(n) Drug dealer (American English slang)

I do love some double entendre.


THC JUice.png

The hover-state caption clearly communicate which cannabinoids are in which gummy.

Sense memory

Flavor descriptions on the homepage.


Each description begins with the cannabinoid, to lessen the instances of human error.

The longer descriptions reflect the sense memories that inspired each flavor.

Flavor view

list list list list
Punchberry Blue description via
Punchberry Blue description via

Lists aren't super interesting to look at. However, lists are the scan-able way to inform customers of included ingredients.

Folks with dietary restrictions need to be certain about what they eat. I gave the ingredients list its own dedicated page, making it easier for Juice! to give customers all the info they need.


This also maintains a cleaner design.

How it's going

The client's happy, so I'm happy.
blue two glass.jpeg

Juice!'s founder wanted a simple way to inform customers about what goes into each gummy.

Now, when asked, "What's in this?" Juice! directs its customers to the website for the full ingredients list.

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