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Mobile-first content design

Redesign a website to capture social media traffic, lower the bounce rate by 26% and increase event ticket sales by 12.2%.

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Role & duration

Content Designer

5 Weeks


WCAG 2.1




Product Strategy

Heuristic Evaluation

Mobile First UI Design


Black Dragon Breakfast Club is a Black, woman owned marketing agency that supports conscious cannabis consumption.


Since 2016, BDBC's founder, Tsehaitu, leveraged social media to build a community of 10,000 cannabis entrepreneurs.

Equipped with a deep understanding of her audience, Tsehaitu developed services that support women and people of color entering the new, regulated market.


In 2020, she was ready to re-launch her website with a focus on cannabis marketing services.


User persona: Gita

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 1.33.12 PM.png

Gita (she/her) is an entrepreneur who wants to make the world better by starting with herself.


Gita isn’t into name brands. She cares more about supporting the people behind the brands. Gita buys out of convenience and prefers brand recommendations from friends.

Gita found BDBC on Instagram.


She's interested in marketing her fledgling cannabis brand and doesn't know where to start.


Step 1: Get the brand

  • Read BDBC's branding guidelines

  • Gain access to brand assets

  • Read the Founder's social posts and interviews

Step 2: Get the audience

  • Soak up that delicious user research

  • Understand the User Persona

  • Read the comments

  • Document the user flow


Step 3: Evaluate the OG design

  • Identify business goals

  • Identify ideal user goals

  • Identify opportunities to design for both user and biz goals

Step 4: Design, Test & Redesign

  • Design the content hierarchy to prioritize user goals x biz goals

  • Only include pages that service our target audience

  • Create and test two or more navigation flows


Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 1.23.05 PM.png

Users who arrived from IG were bouncing at a very high rate, nearly 90%.

The original design supported seven different user goals. Only two of these goals aligned with Black Dragon's business goals.

If we make a website that is easy for mobile and focused on an IG audience, users will sign up for services and BDBC will generate leads.

Content strategy

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 6.21.56 PM.png

Improved hierarchy

OG Top Navigation
Menu Mobile 0.png
Menu Desktop 0.png
Improved Top Navigation
Menu Desktop Top1.png
Menu Mobile 1.png
OG Footer
Footer Mobile v.0.png
Footer Desktop v.0.png

The original footer included 11 center-aligned links.

A number of these linked to inactive projects and old programs.

Our user had to work hard to read and understand which links were useful for their journey.

Improved Footer v.1
Footer Mobile 1.png
Footer Desktop 1.png

My first draft suggestions:

  • Include 6 left-aligned links

  • Group and label links

  • Remove inactive projects and old programs

  • Utilize bold type for category titles

  • Underlined font to indicate hyperlinks

Improved Footer v.Final

My final draft:

  • Group links by business

  • Included top nav links

  • Remove inactive projects

  • Utilize bold type for category titles

  • Underlined font to indicate hyperlinks

Content Design:
Scroll Appeal

Visual Layout

  • Mimic social media layout

  • Image, subtitle, body

  • Remove inactive projects

  • Use memes and branded images

  • Two-word titles

  • Two-sentence descriptions


The redesign is an overwhelming success.


The new site design prioritized mobile interactions, focused the user journey and increased time spent on the website.

BDBC saw user engagement skyrocket as button clicks increased by 23% and bounce rates dropped by 26%.

When BDBC returned to in-person events, the new site design supported event promotion and sales.


We dropped Events into the site, giving it hierarchical priority.

BDBC saw a consistent conversion rate of 12.2% for event ticket sales.

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