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(WIP) alert or error

(This case study is a Work in Progress)


Can a short, interstitial message help the user choose the right design option?

role & duration

Content Designer

1 week


Help users pick the right cut-line for their sticker


Competitive audit

UX writing


image 16.png

VistaPrint empowers anyone to create their own die cut stickers from any image.

Die cut stickers create a custom cut around an image to give a unique, eye-catching outline.

The sticker editor gives users options to change size and cut line.


But not every cut line works for every image.


If the editor detects a cut line will remove part of the image, it automatically chooses a rectangular cut line and alerts the user.

Die cut sticker flow


What's the best way to deliver this message?

Often a user can still get a custom cut-line. They just have to make one or two adjustments.


How can we alert the user without introducing more alarm than necessary?


It's not a big deal. And it shouldn't derail the user's progress.

What info does the user need to know?

Don't forget to transform technical/behind the scenes activities into simple, actionable language.

Annotations for this project. Description of the system failure, questions and best practices.

A screenshot of Shuli's annotations describing the error, questions and best practices for alerts.


A short process for a small request

Step 1: Evaluate the current messaging

  • Document the user flow

  • Learn which inputs trigger the error

  • Identify the customer's next step


Step 2: Competitive Audit

  • Learn how the competition handles it

  • Document their flow

Step 3: Design and write

  • Identify the appropriate alert container

  • Create a simple and clear message in 70 characters.



put it all together

Custom cut-line will default to a rectangle, when the AI detects that a cut-line will omit part of the image.

I recommended a toast instead of the red error, describe your reasons

There are, in fact, two options our users have when they face this! two ways they can still get a die-cut sticker. we can encourage them to click.

Choose a medium or loose cut-line

Choose a smaller sticker size


Notes on decisions
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 6.57.51 PM.png





in retrospect



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